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Residential Flooring and Other Remodeling Solutions That Exceed Expectations!

As a homeowner, it is very likely that you have always fantasized about sprucing up your space. You have a vision of how your new home would look, but planning is not the only factor in a successful remodel. Whether you’re looking to remodel specific areas of your home or repair problem areas, Ciro's Flooring Interiors LLC is here for you! We are known in Wellington, CO for our affordable yet professional residential flooring services but we also cater to your other needs. Check our full list of offers below!

What We Can Do


The floor is an all-important part of every property. Without the right flooring, you could have a dull and lifeless interior. Change that now with our cost-effective flooring options! Plan to use ceramic tiles for your bathroom? Maybe a classic hardwood floor for the dining area? How about a carpeted bedroom? Book our flooring service! We proudly install ceramic tiles, hardwood, and carpets for your flooring!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
Want to make your kitchen more functional and beautify it at the same time? We offer innovative solutions to completely transform your kitchen. From installing quality hardwood flooring and tile backsplash or replacing old countertops to building a kitchen island and creating more storage space through cabinet installation, we can do them all! Tell us more about your plans for your kitchen now!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
Sometimes, our time in the bathroom is improved when the place itself is also fully functional, easy to use, and just simply beautiful. Make your experience worthwhile by investing in our bathroom remodeling service! We can do various changes to your bathroom such as updating its layout, installing new features such as new flooring, repairing damaged areas, and many more!

General Remodeling

General Remodeling
Breathe new life into your outdated and dilapidated home with our general remodeling services! Although we specialize in professional flooring installation, we can also handle a myriad of other home improvement tasks. Aside from the materials mentioned above, we can work with granite, marble, and porcelain, too! Let's discuss your project today to come up with the best design and layout!

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair
Many property owners nowadays prefer drywall because it's easy to work with, affordable, and low maintenance. However, if the drywall is not installed properly, it loses its functionality significantly. If you have seen scuff marks, cracks, termite damage, holes, loose joint tape, dented corner beads, etc., get in touch with us right away! We can seamlessly repair any damage on your drywall in no time!


One of the best ways to improve your home without spending a lot is to simply repaint the walls! You can trust our team to help you pick the best color scheme for your home while still staying within your budget. We do everything carefully, from prep work to the actual application and even the clean-up after the job. Before you know it, you'll have flawless-looking walls that last a long time!

Make Worthwhile Improvements

The layout, look, and condition of your home don’t have to stay as they are right now. Carefully planned remodels and other home improvements can have a critical impact on both the value of your property and your standard of living. Hiring a professional remodeler ensures feasible plans, efficient processes, excellent workmanship, and lasting results. Here at Ciro's Flooring Interiors LLC, we take pride in developing close-knit and trusting relationships with our customers. This enables us to establish the right approaches to each project, taking into account your unique preferences, needs, and goals.

Our Effective Working Process

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we will show up on time. We work tirelessly and with dedication within the allotted time frame. We follow the set timeline and waste no time bringing your wonderful ideas into reality. We apply our tried and true methods, pay very close attention to detail, and use the best quality materials available in the market to give you long-standing results. Regardless of the project we will be working on, we go above and beyond to ensure that you get the outcome that you want and deserve without going over your budget.

Other Areas Served

We also assist customers in these areas:

  • Wellington Town, CO
  • Johnstown Town, CO
  • Berthoud Town, CO
  • Milliken Town, CO
  • Eaton Town, CO

Need a hardwood flooring specialist for a seamless installation? Perhaps you need assistance from an expert remodeler. Whichever is true for you, give us a call now! We are the right company to work with when it comes to your flooring and remodeling needs in Wellington, CO. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

Nov 29, 2022
The Only Flooring Company I'll Trust From Now On

I always felt so worried about finding the right flooring contractor because I've had experiences in the past where they did a sloppy job. But that didn't happen with this company! I am so happy with the results! The installation looks so clean. They also finished the job faster than I expected, and still got immaculate results. This is the only company I will trust for professional flooring installation from now on.

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