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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a makeover for your old flooring or install a completely new one, then our flooring specialists will do outstanding jobs for you. However, you may naturally have some essential questions for us. That is why we at Ciro's Flooring Interiors LLC have assembled and answered the most commonly asked questions about our work and company on this FAQ page. We hope it helps you with all your queries.

Q: What kind of flooring would be best for my bedroom?

A: Well, the choice varies from person to person! If you are looking food a cozy and warm flooring choice, you can go with carpet flooring. Hardwood would be a better choice If you want something more durable and classy. Our hardwood flooring specialist can give you seamless flooring results.

Q: What kind of flooring would be best for my bathroom and kitchen?

A: Bathroom and kitchen flooring must be water-resistant and possibly non-slippery. Marble, ceramic, and granite tiles are fantastic options for your kitchen and bathroom flooring, wall, and countertops.

Q: What are areas your team works on?

A: Our expert team serves all the clients in Wellington, CO. We also provide our services to all our valued and interested clients in the following areas:

  • Wellington Town, CO
  • Johnstown Town, CO
  • Milliken Town, CO
  • Berthoud Town, CO
  • Eaton Town, CO

Q: Do you offer a free estimate?

A: Yes! We give free estimates to our clients for all our services. We understand that our clients can benefit while choosing our services with all the necessary information at their disposal.

Q: What makes you different from others?

A: As a residential flooring company, we stand out from others mainly due to our impeccable customer-centric approach and our superior craftsmanship. We can complete any flooring project with precision. We offer different types of flooring options while keeping ourselves updated with modern flooring trends. So, whatever you need, we got you! We also have the proper tools to deliver any project on time at a very affordable rate. So, put your trust in us without hesitation!

Q: What other works does your team excel in?

A: Apart from residential flooring, we also excel in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, general remodeling, drywall repair, and painting.

Q: Can you team work on weekends too?

A: Yes! Some of our clients might find it convenient to get the work done on the weekends, and we understand that! It is mainly due to busy working schedules. That is why our experts work 24/7. So, don’t worry; just go ahead and book our services according to your convenience!

Q: How do I get in touch with your company?

A: If you’re looking to hire the experts of Ciro's Flooring Interiors LLC or get in touch with us, simply call us by dialing (970) 525-3308! One of our professionals will answer your calls promptly and politely. We always appreciate your interest!

Was our FAQ page informative? Did we miss anything? If you have more questions about our flooring service and related services in Wellington, CO, contact us directly. We will look forward to your call.